These terms and conditions apply to all packages / fares and the countries where the services are provided. All obligations to provide services are assumed by Proxy007 The agreement of the public offer of for individuals and legal entities, comes into force from the moment of publication. Registration and replenishment of the client's personal account in the company's billing system means full agreement with the following terms and conditions. This agreement regulates the relationship between the company Proxy007 (hereinafter the Company) and the client of the Company (hereinafter the Client). This offer agreement does not require signing in writing. Terms and abbreviations used in the agreement Account - information intended to identify the Client in the process of providing services to him. The Client's account information is the user name( login), password for accessing the Client's account control panel (password), and the Client's contract number. The Client's personal account is a record that reflects the financial relationship between the Company and the Client. The client's personal account is increased by the amount of payments transferred by the Client to the Company for prepayment of services provided by the Company to the Client, and is reduced by the cost of services selected and connected by the Client. The Client account management panel is a web page designed to manage the services provided by the Company to the Client, keep The client's contact information up-to-date, and provide the Client with other information necessary for the Company to provide services to the Client. The Client's account page can be accessed at Access to the page is organized using a secure Protocol. Ticket system - a system for exchanging messages between the Client and the Company by sending/receiving requests via an electronic form located in the control Panel of the Client's account. SPAM - mass mailing of e-mail, ICQ, and other mainly advertising messages. Virtual server ( vps) - a server created by dividing the resources of a physical server permanently connected to the Internet into several parts, owned by a Company, whose computing power is leased to the Client. Proxy server - a Virtual server (vps) with pre-installed and configured software, the main settings of which are sent to the Client by e-mail, and are also available in the Client's account control Panel. The server data is allocated the number of IP addresses provided by the tariff plan selected by the Client (S). Port 25 is disabled on these servers by default. This server can be rented out to one or several Clients at the same time. Traffic - the amount of information transmitted over the network. 1. SUBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT. 1.1. The subject of the agreement is the provision by the Company of rental services (Virtual or Proxy) servers. The client assigns, and the Company undertakes to lease hardware resources (Dedicated and / or Virtual and / or Proxy) to the Client according to the tariff chosen by the Client. 1.2 area of responsibility 1.2.1. Problems with the performance of the host machine on which the virtual server is rented are the responsibility of the Company. 2. The order of registration 2.1. The client is logged in the billing system automatically when you order any services. When registering, you must specify all the requested data. 2.1.2. In the registration form the Client must provide a valid mobile phone number. 2.2. After registration, the Client receives an information letter with all the necessary data, as well as instructions for payment. 2.3. The registration Period is unlimited, the Client can pay for the ordered services at any time, however, the payment will be made in accordance with the current rates. 2.4. the Company reserves the right to refuse to provide services without explanation until the server is activated with a full refund of all funds. 2.5. the Company reserves the right to require the presentation of documents confirming the client's identity, as well as to conduct other checks of the client's data. 3. The payment procedure and conditions of establishing and issuing servers. 3.1. All services are provided only on the basis of 100% prepayment. 3.2. The lease Term is considered to be from the date of activation of the service, namely from the date of transfer of access to the service to the Client via e-mail or through the company's Ticket system. 3.3. Preparation time for the proxy server is up to 5 minutes. The extension of the lease. 3.4. an invoice for the extension of the server or other service lease is issued automatically 10 days before the end of the paid period. 3.5. the client Controls the accounts through the "billing system". The company is not responsible for delivering notifications of invoices to the client. 3.6. payment of the invoice for the extension of services will be made automatically from the client's billing account, provided that the amount required for payment of the invoice is available and the client has confirmed the use of the automatic payment method. 3.7. If there is no payment for the extension of the service for the next period, the service is disabled at 00: 00 after the last day of the current rental period. 3.8. Cancellation of the current paid billing period of the service is not possible. Cancellations and refunds are only made for fully unused billing periods. 4. Refund of funds 4.1. The Client has the right to return funds only for completely unused services. For services that were activated and for active services(also for services canceled by the client), money is not refunded. 4.2. Refunds are made within 45 days. 4.3. To get a refund, you must create a ticket to the Customer service Department indicating all registration data, as well as data for accessing the server and the reason for refusing services. 4.4. when returning funds, discounts that were activated when paying for the service are taken into account, i.e. only the actual amount of the Deposit is returned (without bonuses, etc.). 4.5. The funds will not be returned to the clients who violated the clauses of the rules of Section No. 7 of this agreement. 5 Processing of personal data: 5.1. The Client consents to the processing of the personal data provided in the personal account: (Full Name, photos, e-mail, phone numbers, etc.) by the company And placing them in The company's database. 5.2. Actions with the client's personal data to which He gives this consent include, without limitation: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage in the information system of personal data, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data with or without the use of automation tools and other actions provided for by the current legislation of the UK and necessary for the implementation of the specified processing purpose, as well as the transfer of personal data to third parties to whom the Store transmits the relevant personal data in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, provided that these persons ensure the security of the personal data provided above. The consent is valid indefinitely. 5.3. The Client reserves the right to withdraw their consent by drawing up a corresponding written document, which may be sent by the Client to the Company by registered mail with a notification of delivery or delivered personally against receipt to a representative of the Company. 6. Traffic control 6.1. The client is obliged to monitor all traffic generated by its server. Traffic statistics obtained using the Company's hardware and technical complex and data center are considered the only correct statistics. 6.2. In case of large volumes of traffic generated by the client's server, the Company reserves the right to reduce the speed of connection to the Internet. 6.3. Ttraffic for servers is Calculated based on the reporting period.the first day of the reporting period is the activation day. 7. Rights and obligations of the client : 7.1.Prohibited activity 7.1.1. It is forbidden to use service with: viruses, botnet controllers and etc. 7.1.2. it is Prohibited to use service with SOFTWARE for mass mailing, spam, message submitters, botnets, grabbing, phishing, or other purposes that are clearly or indirectly contrary to legal work on the Internet. 7.1.3. The client is fully responsible for their actions using the Company's services 7.1.4. Fraud, hacking, insults, threats, and slander; 7.1.5. The selection of passwords (brute force), scanning and vulnerability of ports, automatic scraping; 7.1.6. The creation of phishing sites; 7.1.7. Spam (including spam on forums, websites, and blogs), any activity that may lead to the server's IP address being blacklisted (, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, etc.), automated scraping and etc.; 7.1.8. E-mail newsletter; 7.1.9. Distribution of malware (viruses, Trojans, and anything that can affect the SOFTWARE); 7.1.10. Hacking sites and searching for their vulnerabilities (including sql-inj); 7.1.11. Distribution of materials without the knowledge of the copyright holder (Video, music, software, etc.); 7.1.12. Violation of the laws of the country where the server you are connecting to is located; 7.1.13. Mass registration of accounts on various services, forums, and social networks; 7.2. By committing illegal actions, you bear full personal, administrative and criminal responsibility for all actions and their consequences. 8. Rights and obligations of the Company 8.1. The Company's Services are provided "as is", the Company reserves the right to review the rules for providing services at any time, without prior notice and unilaterally, the new rules come into effect at the time of their publication on the Company's website. 8.2. The company is committed to maintain proper quality of the host machines, to eliminate all faults in the shortest possible time. 8.3. The Company does not guarantee 100% uptime of the network and host machines. 8.4. All planned technical work, updates, etc. are carried out from 22 PM to 4 am, with the exception of force majeure situations and unscheduled work. 8.5. The Company has the right to change the IP address(s) on any service of the Client unilaterally, notifying the client at least 24 hours before changing the IP address(s). 8.6. The Company guarantees the geographical location of resources in accordance with the description of the service. 8.7. The Company is not responsible for third-party services that provide information about the geographical location of the IP address space. 8.8. The Company has the right to refuse service without explanation. 8.9. The Company has the right to close the client account and terminate all services without compensation in case of insults, unacceptable behavior or foul language on the part of the client in any form of communication. 9. Privacy policy. 9.1. Full text of the Privacy Policy: 10. Guarantee of allocated resources 10.1. The Company guarantees compliance of the allocated resources with those stated on the site, in cases when this is supported by the technology used. 11. Terms of notification 11.1. The customer agrees: 11.1.1. To receive Information messages from the Company containing information about the Buyer's order 11.1.2. To receive Information messages from the Company containing information about current offers or promotions of the Company 11.1.3. To receive Information messages from the Company containing information about changes in the Company's working conditions 12. Dispute resolution procedure. Responsibility of the parties. 12.1. The Parties bear responsibility within the limits of the obligations imposed on them by this Agreement. In everything else that is not regulated by this agreement, the Parties are guided by the norms of the current legislation of the UK. 12.2. The parties build their relations on the basis of economic partnership and mutual trust, in case of disagreements, they will take all measures to resolve them through negotiations. Company: VPLAB LTD. Adress: UK, W8 4LZ, LONDON, FIRST FLOOR OFFICE 3 HORNTON PLACE Company number: 13576060