API: instruction

- Access to the API is issued via a ticket to technical support

- To create a new service, the account must contain funds. All services created via the API have to be paid with the funds of the account!

Typical scenario of interaction with the service.

Creating a service

  • The user sends a add_service request to the proxy007.com. If all data is correct, then a service is being created. The response will contain information about the ID of the created service this field is "serviceid"
  • The next step is to request information about the newly created service (the "serviceid" field from the previous step). The user sends a get_service_info request to the the proxy007.com. The response will contain information about the service.

Typical scenario for resellers.

  • Ordering multiple services to form a pool of proxies (you can order whole ranges /24 or /23 or /22 in the desired location via tickets)
  • Creating groups (proxy services for clients) from the proxy pool

Especially for a reseller, you can create groups from a part of the proxies. A group is a list of proxies where a separate login/password will be allocated.
The group can be assigned a separate login and password, as well as the group can be assigned separate IP addresses for which will work IP authorization (without login / password).

Special price: 1 USD per proxy*

* - for large orders

Grouped lists of commands:

Managing the account
The following commands are used to manage the account:

Managing the groups
The following commands are used to manage the groups: